Target Sectors

Renewable Energy

Experience in developing and operating renewable energy projects:

  • Wind
  • Solar PV and CSP
  • Hydro
  • Waste-to-Energy 
Mobility Transformation

Experience with execution of: 

  • Transportation Electrification 
  • Charging Infrastructure 
  • Vehicle-to-Grid 
Sustainable Water & Wastewater

Experience in developing and operating water infrastructure: 

  • Clean water production 
  • Water Transportation 
  • Sustainable water management 
Carbon Reduction Enabling Opportunities

Experience with development of: 

  • Renewable Natural Gas 
  • Fuel to Infrastructure 
  • Hydrogen Generation & Distribution
Energy Efficiency
& Storage

Experience with developing and operating electrical grid infrastructure: 

  • Energy storage and micro-grid 
  • Energy efficiency and management 
  • Energy-Related Data Infrastructure 
  • Transmission & Distribution Infrastructure 

Desired Characteristics of Target Geographies

  • Strong Rule of Law
  • Political Stability
  • Supportive Policies Governing Repatriation of Capital
  • USD, Euro or CAD hedge-able currency
  • Preference for OECD membership

Sample Target Geographies

  • North America
  • West and Central Europe
  • Caribbean
Subject to specific jurisdiction demonstrating desired characteristics

Leveraging proprietary energy transition and sustainability opportunities in the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe