About us


As a founder-led team of entrepreneurs who have successfully built and aided situations ranging from business startups to large multinational public companies, we recognize the distinct business perspectives of owners, corporate executives, investors and institutions. We pride ourselves on developing creative and strategic solutions tailored to the unique objectives of every situation. We are committed to fostering our investee companies through our extensive relationships and leveraging our experience to add value over a wide range of strategic, operational, technical and financial matters. 

Northern Genesis Capital Group

  • We are comprised of seasoned industry and investment professionals. 
  • In our target sectors, we make control and non-control investments in companies with strong asset-focused business models, experienced management teams and tangible value propositions.
  • We invest our capital alongside our co-investment syndicate members through private placements of debt, equity and structured securities to satisfy our investee companies’ need for acquisition capital, growth funding or recapitalizations, using a suitable long term capital structure.
  • We remain heavily involved in our investee businesses providing strategic, tactical and operational support as needed to maximize investor value.

Co-Investment Syndicate

  • NGCG capital is extended when needed through a co-Investment syndicate of strategic and financial investors which include large owners and operators of clean power, large Canadian pension funds, and other Canadian and U.S. based institutional asset managers, looking to gain additional exposure to energy transition opportunities.
  • Co-investors have priority investment rights in respect of opportunities which require funds in excess of NGCG’s capital.
Strategic, Operational, Technical & Financial Support
Target Capital Sectors
Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency & Storage
Sustainable Water & Wastewater
Mobility Transformation
Carbon Reduction  Enabling Opportunities