Our Strategy

High Growth, Unique, and Attractive Opportunities

  • Opportunities with strong growth trajectories, which are generally insulated from economic cycles, provide inflation protected returns, operate in monopolistic or high barrier to entry markets, and whose positioning will capitalize on the continuing sustainability trends
  • Investable universe of smaller, privately held opportunities support a view to optimizing, scaling, and monetizing investments over a reasonable horizon

Long-lived Propositions

  • The essential nature of energy transition services provides business longevity and delivers predictable value creation over a long‐term investment horizon
  • NGCG’s targeted energy transition businesses offer attractive growth profiles based on low-risk infrastructure assets to achieve premium returns

Superior Risk Adjusted Returns

  • Superior risk adjusted returns through a combination of higher growth businesses; stable economic and industrial environment; diversification; and a proven, differentiated approach to proprietary opportunity origination

Commitment to Sustainability

  • Energy transition focused investments that can demonstrate a roadmap and plan to achieve carbon neutrality, or a material reduction in carbon intensity
  • Targeted verticals in the climate solutions / energy transition universe are aligned with many of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals