accelerating high impact climate solutions. delivering superior returns.

Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp will seek to identify and acquire a business that can benefit from our team’s hands-on operational experience and public company management expertise to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. With respect to the role of ESG, we are specifically focused on evaluating suitable targets whose business practices demonstrate clear alignment with sustainability principles and whose organizational culture embraces the value of such alignment. We are confident that opportunities for improved business success based on strong ESG alignment exist across a broad range of industries and sectors.

History has shown that even fundamentally sound companies can often underperform their potential for a variety of reasons including chronic underinvestment, temporary periods of market dislocation, over-levered capital structures, excessive operating cost structures, incomplete management rosters or inappropriate business strategies. It is further recognized that our business combination targets will likely have little or no experience operating in the public markets. We are confident in our ability to identify such opportunities and execute on strategies to surface value in a public market context. 

The Northern Genesis business combination selection process will leverage our team’s network of relationships, deal sourcing capabilities and unique industry experiences to access a wide range of proprietary opportunities. Our team members have developed these capabilities during their respective careers, which experiences have included building a broad-based power and utility infrastructure company from its founding to be recognized as one of the most sustainable companies globally and included in the TSX60 equity index. The team’s history of sourcing, acquiring, operating, financing and selling businesses has equipped them with a broad understanding of public capital market performance and investor expectations, enhancing the ability of our to provide mentorship support to our selected business combination as it makes the transition from private to public markets. 

Northern Genesis has articulated a number of general criteria and guidelines that may be considered in evaluating prospective target business combinations; in particular, we see value in the below.