northern genesis III (ngc)

Northern Genesis III is a blank check company incorporated in Delaware and formed for the purpose of effecting an initial business combination with one or more target businesses.  

We believe that there is a growing societal sensitivity on the part of customers, investors and employees to the alignment that a business demonstrates with the principles underlying sustainability. Incorporating these principles into business strategies requires ongoing consideration of certain environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors that can both create opportunities and present potential risks. By weaving a focus on sustainability into their business plans and activities, companies can build business models that create social and environmental value in addition to financial or economic value. We believe there are significant, attractive opportunities to invest in businesses that demonstrate a commitment to this ‘triple bottom line’ orientation. While a commitment to ESG covers a broad range of themes, we are specifically focused on evaluating suitable targets whose business practices demonstrate clear alignment with sustainability principles and whose organizational culture embraces the value of such alignment.  

We believe in the ability of our management team to add significant value to a target company from a commercial, operating, strategic and sustainability perspective. In particular, we will seek to identify and acquire a business that could benefit from a hands-on owner with extensive operational experience and the public company expertise our management team possesses, or that relies on the target’s executive and operational expertise but presents potential for an attractive risk-adjusted return profile following a business combination with us. Our management team has significant experience in identifying such opportunities and executing on strategies to surface value in a public market context. 

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